The Knight Who Was Spurned

30/03/2011 § 4 Comments

Once upon a time there was a brave knight who was chivalrous and kind, and would help everyone who asked him. One day, as he was riding on his steed, he came across a fair maiden who was stuck in a mud hole near a stream.

“Would you like my help,” he called out to her.

“Yes, I would very much like your help,” she replied.

And so the brave knight dismounted and went over to help her.  With some effort, he was able to pull her out.  She thanked him profusely for his help, but told him that she had nothing to give him to show her appreciation.  She then promised him that if she saw him again, she would make sure to thank him properly.

The knight went on his way.  He had been summoned to see the king, and his path had unwittingly taken past the maiden he rescued.  He eventually made it to the castle, and went in to see the king.  The king told the knight that he was to defend the woods and stream to the southwest of the castle.  They then sat down to a feast, and partied late into the night.

He next day, the knight went out on patrol.  The area he was to guard was the same area where he rescued the maiden from the day before, and he hoped to see her again.

Much to his delight, he did see the maiden again, and she had managed to get stuck in a mud hole, a different one from the day before.  Again, he offered to pull her out, and she accepted.  After he pulled her out, she explained that she hadn’t expected to see him again, and that she was again unprepared to properly thank him.  He assured her that it was no inconvenience.  After talking pleasantly with her for a brief time, he went on his way.

He saw her the next day, stuck yet again in a mud hole.  Again he pulled her out, and again she promised to thank him properly later on.  And again, they talked pleasantly for a brief time.

This was a daily occurrence for some time, until one day the knight came across the maiden yet again.  As always, she had managed to get herself stuck in yet another mud hole.  This time, however, the knight simply rode on without offering to help.


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§ 4 Responses to The Knight Who Was Spurned

  • johnlmalone says:

    I liked it. Strangley it is very similar to my current blog but you use humans whereas I use birds. Drop by and have a read. As a fellow parable writer you’ll probably enjoy it as I enjoyed yours

  • Simon Grey says:

    I’m glad you liked it. I’ll make sure to stop by your blog.

  • johnlmalone says:


    when are you going to put up another blog? thanks for stopping by mine and commenting

    • Simon Grey says:

      I’m not sure. I’ve been on spring break, and haven’t felt like doing much writing. I have several posts planned, but they’re a bit on the lengthy side, so they will take a couple of weeks to write. I have a short post I hope to have up either tomorrow or Wednesday.


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