The Fire

26/04/2011 § Leave a comment

Once upon a time there was a man with a story to tell.  He had been mistreated by society at the hands of his wife, and wanted the whole world to know.  In order to draw people near to him to listen to his story, he decided to build a fire.

At first, his fire consisted of a few dried leaves and some small twigs.  He began to add larger sticks and more leaves and dry grass, and the flames continued grow larger and provide more warmth.  As this happened, a few people began to draw near to his fire and listen to his story.

He began to add logs, bark, even more leaves, and pieces of scrap wood.  The flames grew higher and the fire burned hot.  More people began to flock to him, listening to his story.

Then he added whole limbs and wooden poles to the fire, in addition to the logs and leaves.  The flames grew higher still and the fire burned bright hot.  Many people could see the fire from far away and began to come near and listen to him tell his tale of woe and mistreatment.

Not content with his current lot, he began to add whole trees to the fire, as well as trash and leftover building materials.  He began to burn everything in sight.

And then the fire grew so hot and bright that it drove everyone away, and no one listened to him again.


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