How Should Community End?

07/10/2011 § 2 Comments

I’ve pretty much fallen in love with Community at this point in time, especially after seeing Chang get his own storyline as a noir-style detective, complete with voiceover.  I don’t want this show to get yanked prematurely, obviously, but at the same time I don’t want to see it drag on until it becomes a caricature of itself.  As such, I’ve given a lot of thought as to how I would like to see Community end, and I think I’ve come up with the ideal series ending.

First off, the show needs to end in season four for maximum realism.  The show is set at a college, so it seems natural to end the show when everyone is presumably ready to graduate.  However, in this day and age it isn’t altogether uncommon to see a good number of students take five years to complete their degree (and I would imagine that Britta and Troy would be the most likely to do so in this scenario), so a fifth season would not be unwelcome or altogether implausible.  Six seasons is definitely a stretch, and three seasons would just be sad, so I hope the series gets cancelled at the end of season four, or five at the absolute latest.

Also, I think that the final episode (or two) would have to involve paintball.  That’s more or less how it was in season one (“Modern Warfare” was technically episode 23, but its close enough for me), and season two ended with a two-part paintball bonanza.  I hope that season three keeps the tradition alive, as the paintball episodes have been ridiculously entertaining.  In the context of the season finale, I would like to see the paintball episode tied in to graduation.  I imagine the paintball game could be tied to a graduation celebration, and you could have some ridiculous prize, like a new Mercedes-Benz or something as an incentive to drive the students wild.

I think also around this point in the show, some storylines should be wrapped up.  I think Jeff and Britta should get together.  I’d prefer they get married sneakily, like at the courthouse the morning of graduation, but I see their characters as more inclined to shacking up.  I also think that their characters would do well together.  Jeff can balance out Britta’s general lack of funniness because he doesn’t take her too seriously, and he can help her feel more secure about herself while giving her the proper amount of latitude.  Also, Jeff is really good at calling her out on her hypocrisy.  But Britta’s hypocrisy is often enough to get Jeff to do the right thing, so I would imagine that Britta could convince Jeff to be more involved in helping others.  Plus, Britta’s really good at calling Jeff out on his hypocrisy.  Really, the two seem like natural complements to each other.  I imagine that the series would end by noting that Jeff and Britta got together and Jeff began working as a defense lawyer for the disadvantaged and that Britta manages his pro bono firm.

Troy and Abed seem like they would basically be the best non-gay friends in the world, so I see them as basically a duo version of The Lonely Island.  They would move to Hollywood and rent a house together while Abed directed viral films that Troy starred in.  Obviously, they would become quite rich and famous.  Troy would end up winning an Oscar for leading man in a comedy and Abed would win an Oscar for best director.  And the two would remain friends forever.

I’m not sure what Annie would do.  She obviously has a lot of drive, and a strong desire to please others (in the sense of wanting to impress higher-ups, like professors or deans or such-like), so I would imagine her as a career woman.  But I don’t think this would be entirely satisfying to her because, deep down, she’s a romantic at heart (cf. Annie’s relationship with Troy in “Football, Feminism, and You;” Annie’s relationship with Jeff in “Pascal’s Triangle Revisited,” “Debate 109,” “Paradigms of Human Memory,” and “Geography of Global Conflict;” Annie’s relationship with Rich in “Asian Population Studies;” Annie’s relationship with Vaughn in “Romantic Expressionism;” and Annie’s relationship with Abed in “For a Few Paintballs More”).  She seems to fall for a certain type of guy, one who’s confident around her but gentle to her (note also how Jeff always addresses her as “M’Lady,” whereas he is considerably more caustic towards Britta).  I think she would find a man like that in her chosen career field and then be content to marry him and assume a supportive role, albeit a very determined and borderline aggressive supportive role.

I’m not sure about Pierce or Shirley.  Since Shirley is back with her husband, I don’t she would be as inclined to use her degree as a way of getting a job to support her two sons.  I would imagine that her marriage works out properly this time around, and so I think that she would start a business from home, selling brownies (cf. “Environmental Science”).  I also think that Pierce would offer to loan or give her the startup money.

By the way, I can see Pierce graduating with the group because he has certainly have earned enough credits, seeing as how the group’s fourth year will mark Pierce’s fourteenth year at Greendale.  On the other hand, it seems plausible that he would just keep taking classes until he’s taken every class at Greendale, so I’m not entirely sure what he’d do at the end of Community.

As for Chang, I can see him going back to being a professor, though not of Spanish.  I’d like to see him teach forensics or something similar because he’s worked in law enforcement as a security guard.  Alternatively, it would be something if Duncan was placed on administrative leave for being a drunk and Chang was selected to fill in for him, in the same way Duncan filled in for Betty White’s character.

Thus, a fitting conclusion to Community would be one that involved graduation and paintball, and hinted at storylines that best fit the characters we’ve come to know and love over the years.  The writers of Community have done a fantastic job of developing the characters on the show as well as giving the show a fantastic sense of fun.  It would be wonderful to see the show go out with a bang, especially if it keeps with the paintball tradition.  I think it would be even better if the show managed to also give some sort of closure to the characters’ storylines in a way that seems especially fitting to the characters.

I can only hope the writers of Community read this.


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§ 2 Responses to How Should Community End?

  • mooselicker says:

    I’ve written a few episodes of Community, but they sit on my apartment floor as agents tell me to stay away from them. It’s a great show. I’ll miss it when it’s gone.

  • Simon Grey says:

    I’m going to miss it too. I just hope it doesn’t get ripped away from me like Arrested Development was. As long as it ends believably and somewhat happily, I’ll be able to rewatch without too much depression.


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