Community and Community

16/10/2011 § 2 Comments

I had the greatest birthday ever last week.  Even though my mom was feeling terrible from her radiation treatments and dad was battling a kidney stone, I still had an amazing birthday, thanks to my friends and Community.

I went to my friend’s house since her birthday was the day after mine (and we had a wonderful time, by the way), and when we got back from lunch, she showed me the basement where she and her brother had set up a blanket-fort for my birthday.  The inspiration for this idea came from an episode of Community called “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design,” wherein Troy and Abed build a blanket-fort, which then expands to an entire blanket city.

I had discovered Community at the end of its first season, and had been trying to convert my brothers and a handful of other friends to becoming fans of the show.  This attempt at conversion only succeeded with my two youngest brothers and my two aforementioned friends.  For my friends, Community did not really take hold with them until “Conspiracy Theories,” in part because the humor of the show was a little bit harder for them to grasp and in part because “Conspiracy Theories” was just a stellar episode in a string of stellar episodes.

From that day, we’ve all pretty much become rabid fans together, and Community serves as a shared experience for us.  We all quote some of the more memorable lines to each other all the time now, and spend a good portion of our time talking about Community and quoting/reenacting our favorites scenes from it.  In short, we all love the show.

Anyway, getting back to my birthday party, we ended up celebrating my birthday by going down to their basement and build a blanket fort around their big screen TV and watching five episodes of Community.  It was very awesome. Words cannot convey how much meaning that experience had to me.  We got act like the characters on Community while watching Community, and we got to do so together.

Community is a show with a big heart.  The characters all have a sense of camaraderie with one another, and watching this just makes you want the same.  So, that’s why my friends and I celebrated my birthday by building a blanket-fort and watching Community.  It was so much fun that we’re going to do this again over Christmas break, except this time the blanket-fort will be bigger and we’re going to watch every episode.

Man, I love this show.


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§ 2 Responses to Community and Community

  • Will S. says:

    I just recently discovered Community, a buddy had the first season, maybe some beyond that, on NetFlix, and I watched several episodes. Hilarious, and yeah, it does indeed have that, er, community aspect that shows like Cheers and M*A*S*H did, which seems less common in sit-coms today.

    I hope to see more, eventually. I don’t watch TV, except at others’ houses, so it may be a while. Maybe I should consider renting the DVDs…

    • Simon Grey says:

      I highly recommend getting hold of the second season; it’s much better than the first. I’d also recommend Parks and Rec, and maybe Up All Night.


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