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It’s dark outside; the night has come.
The light is spent; the day is done.
It’s cold outside and so I go
To find my way to warmth of home.
And on this night as I retire,
My spirits, they soar ever higher.
And in my bed, with sleep in view
I’ll close my eyes and dream of you.

It’s dark outside; the light has flown.
But from inside a light has shone.
You wend your way along the path
Until you’re safe at home, at last.
And then a voice inside your head
Bids you seek rest upon your bed.
Tonight as you drift off to sleep,
You’ll close your eyes and dream of me.

It’s dark outside; the day is spent.
And gone’s the time of merriment.
And where has gone this blissful day?
It seems that time just slips away.
But there’s no need to cry my dear,
For sleep will keep us ever near.
Tonight we’ll close our eyes in slumber;
Tonight our dreams are of each other.


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