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18/01/2013 § Leave a comment

A Magic Broken by Vox Day

In a word, this book is entertaining.  It was simply a blast to read, as Vox propels the plot along, without stopping to waste time on unnecessary dialogue or exposition.  It is basically the literary equivalent to a movie trailer.

The basic plot revolves around a man named Nicolas (astute readers will recognize him as Theurdic in A Throne of Bones) and his mission of finding and a recovering an elfess.  A secondary plot revolves around a dwarf named Lodi who is on a mission to recover some captured dwarves.  This ultimately leads him to discovering the elfess, and capturing her for herself.  Ultimately, though, Nicolas recovers the elfess for himself, but not until after revealing himself to be a mage.  There are some other intriguing plot points that exist to make the story a compelling mystery, most of which involve prostitutes and politics (but I repeat myself).

Overall, the book is a very short read.  Dedicated readers can knock it out in less than thirty minutes.  The story, as mentioned, is quickly paced and thoroughly enjoyable.  This book definitely works as a teaser of sorts, though it can stand alone as an entertaining story.

Grade: A


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