Our Secret World

12/02/2015 § Leave a comment

No one can see the castle
In which we’ve made our home.
When guests enter the feast hall,
No one can see the throne

No one knows the wars we’ve fought
Nor sees the dragons we’ve slain.
Neither do they see us strive in battle
Nor do they feel our pain.

The chamber in which we sleep—
A king beside his queen
Appears to be a pauper’s room—
But it is not what it seems.

We’ve built ourselves a secret world;
It’s a kingdom made for two.
Nobody else can see it—
Nobody but me and you

How boring is the real world
With its cubicles and dues.
I much prefer our secret world
Where we make all the rules.

Our secret world is built by love,
A love that’s ours alone.
And love’s what turns a house to castle
And castle to a home


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