Other Sites

Simon Grey can be found on the following sites:

Le Cygne Gris: The blog that started a revolution.  This is the main haunt of Simon Grey and features his take on economics, politics, philosophy, theology, technology, and whatever else happens to catch his fancy.

Red Carpet Blues:  Simon Grey on music.

Facebook: Simon’s Facebook page is integrated with his blog, which means it can be used as a feed.  He posts links here and occasionally makes a witty observation.

Twitter: Like his Facebook page, Simon’s twitter feed is linked to his blog, making it a convenient feed.  His witty observations are posted here too, and he occasionally tweets up a storm with those whom he follows as well as those who follow him.

Scribd: This page contains all of Simon’s books, published songs, and long-form papers.  All of them are available as free downloads here.