I had someone contact me about paying me for a link text on one of my posts, which made me wonder if there was any way to monetize my blog.  While I started blogging as way to publish my thoughts on what’s happening in the world, I’m not altogether opposed to making money off this.  Of course, I’ll continue blogging even if I never make a dime from it.   That aside, there are three ways that I plan on monetizing this blog.

First, I’m an Amazon associate, so I will link to any book, movie, or TV show that I review.  If you’re interested in buying a book or TV show that I review, click on the first link in the review; that will take you to Amazon, and I get a cut of your purchase for referring you.

Second, I will be offering sponsored links on this site.  I am willing to link any text in any of my posts to any site.  However, I will not run banner ads, or any non-next ads, nor will I edit past posts or alter any future posts for advertisers.  If you wish to advertise here, email me and tell me what post you want a link in, and quote the specific sentence or line you want as link text.  Also include the URL you want linked to.  Rates are negotiable, so include an offer with your link text request.  Understand that I do not have to accept any offer, and that I can decline for whatever reason I want, without explanation.

Third, you can make a direct donation to me, via PayPal.  Simply click on the button below and make a donation in whatever amount you wish.



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